Breakup Quiz

Can your love last, or should you breakup? Take this quiz for a chance to find out.

1. When I think of the future of my relationship, I usually feel:
2. How often do you argue with each other?
3. If you could sum up your relationship in one sentence, it would be:
4. Do you ever wish you were together with a different person?
5. Do you feel true to yourself when you are with your partner?
6. Your partner now has a new instructor that puts the "hot" in hot yoga. Is this something that bothers you?
7. Do you like spending time together?
8. Do you feel appreciated and valued by your partner?
9. When a stranger asks you out, your reaction is:
10. What ideal relationship would you like to have in a dream-world scenario with your partner?

Your Relationship Is Strong

hugging couple

Congratulations! Your relationship is strong, and it’s not the time for you to end it. If you look at your relationship closely, you will see why you and your partner have a bright future. You trust one another completely and have faith in each other. You feel valued and appreciated by him/her. Your relationship brings you joy, happiness, and fulfillment. You and your partner are in a beautiful place where you can both be completely honest while still being true to yourself.

To continue on the exciting path you are on, it is important to keep the lines open of communication. You have built a solid foundation that will help you and your partner reach new heights. Of course, there could be unexpected bumps, but it will be smooth sailing if you remain open, honest, and communicative.

Your Relationship Needs Some Work

talking couple

You and your partner don’t have to breakup. Your relationship has many positive aspects. You have faith in your partner, are happy to be around them, and hope for a bright future together. You feel valued by your partner and can be true to yourself while you are with him/her. However, you may have doubts about your relationship if you look closer. Is this person right for me? Am I as happy as possible?

It is completely normal to feel these kinds of qualms from time to time. However, these concerns should be addressed immediately. You should not be afraid to discuss difficult topics if you want to have a deeper relationship with your partner. Being open with your partner will help you better grasp what you really feel and help you make informed decisions about a breakup.

Your Relationship May End Soon

sad couple

Your relationship is not ideal, and it might be time to part ways with your partner. When looking closely at your relationship, you will see that you don’t enjoy being with him/her one-on-one, and you aren’t optimistic about the future. In addition, you aren’t sure this person is trustworthy, and you wonder what other options are available for you.

Do some soul-searching to determine if the relationship is worth saving. You can tell your partner what you feel and commit to making real changes if you think it is. It’s essential to openly communicate with your partner and tell him or her that you have concerns. Once these issues have been discussed, you can work together to create an action plan in order to save your relationship. But if the thought that your relationship might end is bringing you joy, comfort, or relief, it’s important to listen to your heart.

It’s Time to Break Up


It seems like it is the time for you and your partner to breakup. You’ll be able to see all the red flags when you review your relationship. You don’t trust your partner. You feel miserable around this person, and you have no desire to be with them. You feel totally underappreciated, and you are feeling hopeless in your relationship. You are constantly fighting and bickering, and you start to think of other people that you might like to be around.

You deserve better. It is important to be with someone who cares about you, values you, respects you, and is worth your trust. It may be difficult, scary, or even unsettling to let go of your partner. However, this is a necessary step in your journey to a satisfying, meaningful, and lasting relationship.

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