Smartphone Addiction And How To Overcome It

Apr 16, 2022 | Mental Health | 0 comments

America’s smartphone addiction has even been compared to the obesity epidemic. Smartphones provide an escape to reality, just as gambling or drug addictions. Smartphone addiction can cause severe physical and mental health problems, affect our relationships, and impact productivity.

By nature, humans are susceptible to distraction. We literally have a whole world of distractions available to us with smartphones. We need to recognize that our smartphones can have a negative impact on our lives and make changes.

Effect Of Smartphone Addiction On Brain

smartphone addiction

Initially, cell phones were used as communication tools. They’re now GPS, cameras, and gaming consoles. Our devices are used for everything, from waiting in the grocery line or reading the news to controlling the thermostat or filing taxes. Our smartphones are not only for everyday tasks. We rely on them.

The effect of smartphone addiction on the brain is similar to the effect of cocaine. We get an instant high whenever our screen flashes with a new notification. Dopamine is responsible for the feeling of happiness that you get when you do something you like, like eating your favorite food or getting 100 likes on your latest Instagram post. Dopamine encourages and motivates behaviors that make us feel good, which can lead to addiction.

Access to constant information has also reduced attention spans. A widely reported study showed that goldfish could focus for longer periods of time than humans. Overuse of smartphones is a contributing factor in the increase in ADD-like symptoms.

Smartphone addiction doesn’t end there. Our overuse of technology has transformed the way we communicate and interact with others. Instead of connecting with people face-to-face, we hide behind screens. Technology can be useful in keeping us connected. However, it is important to be cautious about how and when we use it.

There’s A Time And A Place

first date

I am not advocating that smartphones have to be thrown out, and all WiFi services should be canceled. There is nothing wrong with using technologies available to us at our disposal. However, when smartphone use interferes with our health or relationships with others, it can become a problem. There is a time and place to use your smartphone, and there is a time when you should put it away.

Most people are well aware of when it is appropriate (or not) to use their smartphone, such as in meetings, job interviews, or on first dates. However, the truth is that most of them will use their smartphones anyway. Here’s where smartphone addiction is a problem: they don’t know why, but they feel the need to grab their phones.

Time For Some Smartphone Rehab

Exhausted man

Smartphones can interfere with productivity. This is something we believe to be a severe problem. However, the most important problem with smartphones is how they impact our mental health. We must act immediately to prevent smartphone addiction from becoming more severe.

study in the U.S. found that young people who gave up their smartphones had difficulties with mental tasks when they were in “withdrawal.” They also experienced physiological symptoms like increased heart rate or blood pressure. They also felt a sense of loss of their extended self – their smartphones.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Helping a Friend

North America is under constant pressure to be connected 24/7, leading to serious health issues. It’s great to see companies working in the smartphone sector making efforts to address these issues. Screen Time gives people the option to limit their usage, but it’s not enough. This is the equivalent of telling an alcoholic that they need to lock their liquor cabinets but giving them the key.

Hacking our internal operating systems is the first step in dealing with smartphone addiction. For example, ask a friend or family member to change your email password during the weekend and your social media passwords during your workday. In addition, you can use a website blocker to stop you from visiting distracting websites when you are working.

Another thing worse trying is dopamine fasting which is a great way to escape the technology-driven frenzy and replace it with simpler activities.

It is amazing to see what smartphones can do. All of us have the option to use this power to our advantage or our disadvantage.

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