Health Benefits of Hot Yoga

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Many people are curious about the health benefits of hot yoga and whether or not it’s right for them. Several benefits include increased strength and flexibility, increased immune system, and detoxification.

The first benefit is that it’s much more fun than regular yoga! Hot yoga is also great for those with back pain or limited flexibility. Using a heat lamp during the class will help you work up a sweat and get in a deeper stretch than usual.

What Is Hot Yoga?

hot yoga

Hot yoga is basically yoga done in a heat-controlled environment. Yoga teachers control the temperature of the room. Usually, it can be anywhere from 85 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, sometimes even hotter.

In technical terms, hot yoga is the same as regular yoga. Hot yoga is simply yoga done in a heated environment. This practice is accessible to both beginners and experts.

Hot yoga sessions can include any type of pose, and the time for each class will vary from studio to studio.

Boosts The Immune System

boosts immune system

One of the health benefits of hot yoga is the immune system-boosting benefits of a hot environment. High temperatures increase core body temperature, stimulating the body’s white blood cells to fight infections

In addition, increased sweating helps the body eliminate toxins. Studies conducted by NASA show that infrared rays can improve the immune system of astronauts. Boosting the immune system is just one of the many health benefits of hot yoga.

Increases Flexibility

Researchers studied the effects of hot yoga on flexibility. The researchers assessed the participants’ range of motion and oxygen consumption while practicing the exercise. The findings were striking. After eight weeks, hot yoga participants had greater flexibility in their shoulders, low back, and hamstrings than the control group.

Boosts Cardiovascular Health


The heat from the practice can do wonders for the body’s ability of blood circulation. The body can pump blood more efficiently to muscles, especially with increased oxygen.



Many people are unaware of the benefits of hot yoga for detoxification. This ancient form of exercise focuses on spinal twisting, which is called an asana in Sanskrit. This twist is said to relieve back pain and improve flexibility. It is also believed to cleanse the organs of waste materials. In addition, it helps to burn excess calories and improve digestion.

Increases Strength

increase strength

The added heat and humidity from hot yoga are perfect for increasing strength and flexibility. The poses used in hot yoga are challenging, and they work the abs and glutes. The heat and humidity add to the intensity, which builds endurance and strength. While you may not be a pro right away, you’ll eventually be a powerhouse! Even the most difficult poses will get easier as time goes by.

Improves Balance

improves balance

The benefits of yoga practice are many, and improving your balance through hot yoga is one. The practice of yoga stretches and poses builds strength and endurance. Hot yoga improves balance by strengthening the lower limbs. It can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and injury by strengthening the bones in the lower limbs. In addition to being a great way to improve your balance, hot yoga also helps prevent falls and fractures.

Improves Range Of Motion

range of motion

Researchers conducted a study comparing the physiological effects of hot yoga and its room temperature counterpart. The two groups were compared for their caloric expenditure and range of motion. The researchers also measured the biomarkers of acute stress and inflammation. Results showed that participants significantly improved their range of motion and muscle strength after practicing hot yoga. In addition, they reported greater balance after the hot yoga session.

Increases Bone Density

bone density

Researchers have begun studying the benefits of hot yoga on bone density in recent years. These benefits have been attributed to yoga poses and the elevated temperatures involved. Bone density naturally decreases as we age, but a 2014 study found that women who practiced hot yoga showed an increase in bone density. Studies have also found that hot yoga improves cardiovascular health, which may slow the effects of aging on bone density.

The Bottom Line On Health Benefits of Hot Yoga

Some people may not like hot yoga. But if you are a regular practitioner of yoga and would like to take it to the next level, hot yoga may be for you.

There are many benefits to hot yoga for your body and mind. You can burn calories, increase bone density, improve flexibility, and boost your cardiovascular fitness. It can also be used to reduce stress and ease depression.

health benefits of hot yoga

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