How To Move More In Everyday Life. 8 Easy Ideas

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How To Move More

It can be challenging to find free time to exercise. Here are some tips on how to move more throughout your day.

It’s something we all have said, “How do you find time for exercise if you are … “
Simply fill in the blanks: working parent, working night shifts, student, a person who commutes, a parent who lives at home and cares for children. You are not the only one trying to figure out how you can fit exercise into your everyday life.

The best way to move more in everyday life is to schedule your exercise time. 

I’ll work out later approach will not work — Block time of your day to exercise to stay sane and maintain your health and strength.

Here’s another tip. Try adding a few extra activities throughout the week and day to keep your body active. Even a few minutes more movement can add up over time.

In this article, you will find eight tips on how to move more throughout your day without taking more time from your busy schedule.

Take The Stairs

How To Move More On Stairs

It is one of the best ways to move more during your day.

The stairs are a better choice than the elevator. It increases heart rate, balances, and strengthens the lower extremities. You can do heel raises from the edge of a staircase if you feel like it. Or, take two steps at a time if you are feeling extra energetic.

Skip the elevator. Your heart and body will thank you.

Add Walking Meetings To Your Workday

Walking Meeting

If you work from home and have virtual conference calls, try adding a walk during one call per day to your schedule.

If you don’t have to be behind your computer during meetings, take your headphones with you and go for a walk. It is an excellent way for you to change up your daily routine and move more in everyday life.

If you work from the office, you can do walking one-on-one meetings. Walking together can strengthen team bonds and help you come up with new ideas. In addition, walking increases creativity and enhances mental acuity, according to research.

Sit On An Exercise Ball

working on exercise ball

Switch to a stability ball instead of your office chair will help you move more during your day. You can use the stability ball to help your back and improve posture. In addition, you can perform gentle mobility stretches for your neck, pelvis, and spine while sitting on the stability ball.

Try a hula-hoop motion, tucking your pelvis and untucking your pelvis to increase core stability. You can do some abdominal work while you sit at your desk by doing seated marches and other exercises on the ball.

Park Far Away


Although we must be alert and safe in all situations, it is a good idea to park further away from the place where you are going. Walking for a few extra minutes every now and then adds up and can help you move more by increase your daily step count.

Have more sex

hearts in a window

You’re welcome. According to older research, sex burns calories at about 3.1 calories per hour for women and 4.2 for men.

Even though it’s not as strenuous as a jog or a run, you can certainly work up a sweat during sex. So move more, learn new techniques and positions, bond with your partner, and have fun.

Get A Pet

walking dogs

Volunteers are always needed at the local shelters or other adoption agencies. Bring the whole family to the shelter to volunteer to walk a few dogs.

You get to enjoy more time outside, give back to your community, educate your children about caring for others, as well as increase your physical activity and family time. It’s a win/win situation for all. This is a great way to move more throughout your day.

Host a dance party

dance party

Turn on some music and clear the furniture from the room. This can be done while cooking dinner, folding laundry, or vacuuming.

Dancing is a phenomenal way to burn calories and improve balance and coordination. You can even make it a contest or game with your children.

Exercise or stretch during TV time

stretching at home

During your next Netflix session, you can walk on the treadmill, ride a stationary bicycle, stretch on the ground, and use weights to strengthen your upper- or full-body muscles.

You can keep your exercise equipment near your “binge-watching” area and perform bodyweight exercises, foam rolling, or other activities during your show. For example, a few reps of tricep presses or bicep curls can greatly affect your posture, arm strength, and well-being.

This is exceptionally true for women who are more at risk of developing osteoporosis. Weight training is an integral part of your daily routine that will help keep your bones strong and healthy.

The Bottom Line On How to Move More In Everyday Life

We hope the ideas above will inspire and motivate you to move more in everyday life.

It is difficult to maintain a good routine. You may find it overwhelming when you first begin to exercise. But, these are some things that can help.

You can start small with a walking meeting once a week or stairs a couple of times. Before you know it, you’ll be moving a lot more than you were before.

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