Benefits of Yoga for Men

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There are many benefits to yoga for men of all ages. Yoga can not only relieve stress but also aid in weight loss, muscle growth, work productivity, and even improve your sex life.

Yoga for men helps a lot with flexibility. It can boost your gym performance, help with lower back pain, and cull stress.

Pro athletes and special ops are practicing yoga, so why shouldn’t you?

What is Yoga?

man doing yoga

The word yoga means “union.” The practice of yoga aims at uniting body and mind. Yoga was initially created as a spiritual practice that would help people become more aware of their own nature. The ultimate goal of yoga is to get freedom from suffering

Yoga focuses on combining breathing patterns with poses that take your body through a full range of motion. This promotes flexibility, mobility, and calm. For example, improving your breathing can help you reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also be used to treat insomnia.

Why Men Avoid Yoga?


It’s hard to tell exactly why men would miss out on yoga. However, there are a few theories as to why yoga stops men from trying.

In the ’90s and ’00s, the practice of yoga became westernized, and because of it, a stereotype was formed that only women do yoga.

Another reason why yoga for men is not very popular is that men find it boring.

But in reality, those times when yoga was linked only to women are long gone. Both men and women can get a lot of benefits from yoga and yoga variations, such as hot yoga. Those who are stuck in the past are missing out big time.

Benefits of Yoga for Men

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Boosts Immune System

Yoga could be the best treatment for flu or virus symptoms. The PLosOne Research journal states that yoga can boost your cellular immunity. In addition, researchers found that yoga can cause rapid changes in gene expression, which increases your body’s defense systems.

Builds More Muscles

To build lean muscle, yoga uses your body’s natural weight against resistance. It increases blood flow and lengthens tissues and muscles. A good blood flow means more oxygen to your muscles. This allows your muscles to grow and recover quicker.

Prevents Injuries

Whether you work long hours on the computer or spend your day on your feet, you are vulnerable to injuries, pains, and aches. These types of injuries can be prevented by regular yoga practice.

Yoga can increase flexibility and range of motion, which can help eliminate strains and tightness. It also strengthens your muscles. In addition, yoga strengthens connective tissue, which enhances the durability of joints. 

Also, yoga helps you become more aware of your body. For example, it allows you to recognize poor postures and fix them quickly.

Improved Sexual Performance

The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study that found yoga can significantly improve a woman’s bedroom experience. This is due to increased lubrication and stronger orgasms, as well as strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. 

Yoga for men is good because it reduces anxiety, increases body awareness, and builds confidence. It also speeds up the release of hormones that increase arousal, and blood flow to the genital region, which are important for erections.

Enhanced Productivity

Yoga for men isn’t just beneficial for the sexual life or gym; it can also increase your work productivity. Research shows that a 20-minute session of yoga for men can improve memory. This allows you to be more energetic, retain information, make better work decisions, and stay focused.

Calms Your Mind

Some guys find that yoga for men is the best way to breathe and slow down in the midst of a busy schedule. In a 2013 study, yoga was found to reduce mild clinical depression in even those who didn’t use antidepressants. It was also found that ancient Indian practices can help you sleep longer and better. In addition, according to a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Hatha yoga for 20 minutes stimulates brain function better than jogging or walking on a treadmill for the same amount of time.

Improves Flexibility

Many yoga asanas (physical poses) include one or two spinal twists. This is to loosen the many joints that make up your spine. This can help improve your golf game and tennis swing as well as encourage detoxification and good digestion.

How to Get Started

man doing yoga pose

You can do yoga at home or with an instructor in a class. However, before starting your own yoga practice at home, taking a beginner class in a studio is a good idea. This will help you choose the right style of yoga for you.

Yoga Class

Finding a suitable yoga class or a good teacher can be difficult. Although you may be able to pick a yoga class that suits your schedule, it is important to take the time to find what will work best for you.

Are you a visual or verbal learner? Do you want to do a slow, relaxing class to help with injuries? Or are you trying to get a cardio workout? 

You can also ask your friend or local studio for recommendations.

You can simply Google “yoga classes near me” to find yoga studios nearby.

Men’s Only Yoga Class

A men’s class is more beneficial because it focuses on goals important to men, like strength, muscle building, and flexibility.

Ask for recommendations or use Google to search for men’s yoga classes in your area.

Yoga at Home

Home yoga can also support your mental and physical health if done correctly. You can find many free online resources to help you set up a home yoga practice for men. You can find as many yoga poses and flows as you like and then arrange them into a yoga session.


YouTube is an excellent resource for quality yoga content. It offers everything you need, from quick yoga routines that can be done in 10 minutes to long Ashtanga flows that can take an hour.

The Bottom Line

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Yoga for men can improve every aspect of men’s well-being – mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. Yoga is a great way to increase strength, build muscle mass, reduce stress, increase confidence, or improve sexual performance.

Yoga is not a race. It is a lifetime practice. You don’t have to do crazy arm balances or headstands. These things will become easier with time and practice.

It doesn’t matter where you are at the moment in terms of your flexibility strength. Start your yoga journey today and start feeling the benefits of yoga for men!

benefits of yoga for men

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